World's Best Performing Receptacle
recepta block

ReceptaLock is a unique and patented "locking" electrical receptacle that delivers superior organic sound quality to that of any available power receptacle. ReceptaLock responds to power cord insertion by squeezing the plug's electrical contacts – essentially "locking" the plug into the receptacle. By increasing pressure to 10x the norm and lowering resistance to < 50% that of the next nearest competitor, ReceptaLock has jumped to the head of the class.

  • 5x the contact area.
  • 10x the surface pressure.
  • Pure copper conductors.
  • Eliminates 'cable sag' caused by weighty power cords.


Resistance measurement comparison:

Model $ Price
Oyaide R1 1.4 165
Furutech GTX-D 0.7 210
ReceptaLock 0.3 180 ?
Porter Ports 2.7 36

Comparative listening tests results:

Model Bass Mid Treble Comments
Oyaide R1 Smeared Emphasized Ok Good for vocal recordings
Furutech GTX-D Tight Good Good Lacks soul
ReceptaLock Tight Good Good Sounds more 'organic'
Porter Ports Ok Ok Less 'crisp' Good for its price
Leviton 3232LAU Smeared,
no low bass
Veiled Bad timbre Not suitable for audio


  • Samples ready, as pictured above.
  • Patent pending in the US and worldwide.
  • Passed primary UL review. Approval underway.